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Bottled Water Brands

Beverage refrigerator options discussed, with the goal of helping you find the best unit for your needs.

There are a lot of bottled water brands on the market, so choosing the type that you like the best can be extremely difficult.  While water may seem like a simple substance that nobody could get wrong, you may be surprised at just how often things can go awry.  For that reason, you’ll want to do some research into bottled water brands before choosing the best one for you, or for your business to carry.  You want to be sure that you can trust the quality of your water, as well as the taste, so that you can guarantee your enjoyment every single time.

One of the  main things to think about, is whether or not you’re choosing bottled water brands for a business, or simply for your own personal use.  When it comes to business application, you’ll want to simply go with the best known and cheapest brands.  For that reason, you want to stick to names like Dasani and Aquafina.  These are waters that are produced by Coke and Pepsi respectively, so they are purified to perfection, and are great tasting.  Plus they are mass produced and cheap to buy at wholesale, making them ideal to purchase cheap for resale potential.

When it comes to finding the best bottled water brands based upon your own personal drinking tastes, the decision can be a little bit harder, simply because of the composition of the water itself.  You’ll find that one of the major factors with this type of water, is the way in which it was produced.  The two most common types are spring water, and purified.  Purified water is simply water that’s used a man made purification system, to cleanse all toxins.  The problem is that this can leave the water with a metallic taste, because of the chemicals that were used during the process.

For spring water, you’ll find that most bottled water brands are a little more expensive, but that they provide you with a better more crisp taste.  In most cases, spring water is water that’s been purified naturally, so that you don’t have to worry about man made chemicals, or an unnatural taste.  For that reason, brands like Poland Springs and Fiji are sought after by water drinkers, because of the clean taste that they provide.  You may also elect to go for a water like Smart Water, which provides a great clean taste, but is also refreshing as it also contains electrolytes, to really quench your thirst in a completely new way.

You can find most bottled water brands by going to a convenience store, or supermarket of some kind.  Whether you’re looking for the perfect type of water to bring with you on a long trip, or before a workout, or are simply looking to rehydrate on a hot day, you’ll find any type of water you could want.  But when you’re looking to stock up on bottled water brands  for your business, you’ll want to go through a distributor directly.  That means looking to Coke or Pepsi, or even Vitamin Water to find the perfect brand for your store.