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Drink Refrigerator

Beverage refrigerator options discussed, with the goal of helping you find the best unit for your needs.

You will no doubt be very proud of your drink refrigerator as you use it to keep all your favorite drinks as cool as you want them to be. You’d never want that fridge to have a bad day or go kaput. The thing is, you have to put in a lot of effort in order to make that happen. This means that certain things must be done in order to keep your drink refrigerator in tip top shape for it to continue serving you optimally.

I will be giving you some tips on how to achieve this in this article. Below are some basic things you ought to know about the little malfunctions of the drink fridge and what you can do to remedy the situation.

  1. If you notice that your compressor does not start but there is a humming sound and the drink fridge trips on the overload protector, you need to check and ensure that the voltage entering the refrigerator is sufficient and not low.  Otherwise, something else might be the problem. This could be that the relay is not closing, the starting capacitor is defective, or there may even be improper wiring in the drink refrigerator. You can fix this problem by either checking the wiring diagram in the manual or tracing the voltage to confirm that it is sufficient.

  2. If the compressor does not start at all, then you need to ensure that the overload protector tripped, or the refrigerator fuse is blown or has been removed. The line cord might not even be plugged in. All you need to do is plug in the cord appropriately or get a replacement for the drink refrigerator fuse.

  3. The drink refrigerator runs and works but then it does so in short cycles. This could mean that the overload protector has a problem, there is air in the system or even that there is an overcharge. You can just reduce the refrigerant charge or just reduce and recharge.

  4. If you are experiencing noise from the beverage cooler refrigerator, you need to check the loose parts of the unit as well as the mounting. You might also need to look at the tubing rattle or check if the fan motor bearings are worn. It is also possible that the bent fan blade is responsible for the noise. If any of these happen to be the case, you can replace the blade or the motor depending on what the case might be. It might also just need a case of tightening the loosened nuts.

  5. You might find the fridge drink cooler’s space temperature getting too high. If that happens, it is usually because it’s been overcharged with refrigerant or inadequate air circulation. You can remedy this be recovering the refrigerant and then recharging it in accordance with the specifications given on the nameplate. You could also try to improve air circulation.

  6. If you notice that your drink refrigerator operates long or just operates continuously, it could be due to a dirty condenser or even a reduction in the adequacy of the refrigerant. You also have to consider that the refrigeration system has been restricted somehow. First, if you have a dirty condenser, you have to clean it. If the refrigerant is short, fix whatever leak there might be and then add more refrigerant to your mini refrigerator before charging it appropriately. If it is the restriction in the refrigeration, you have to seek out its location and then remove it.

I hope that with these few maintenance tips you have been given, you can at least detect and take care of some basic issues with your drink refrigerator.