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Haier Wine Refrigerator

Beverage refrigerator options discussed, with the goal of helping you find the best unit for your needs.

Let’s take some time to discuss the Haier wine refrigerator, one of the more popular choices in the world of the beverage refrigerator when it comes to cooling wine.

I used to just leave my bottles of wine on the floor and chill them when I needed to have a sip or two of my favorite wine. The drawback was that when I had unexpected visitors, I had to rush to put wine into the refrigerator and wait for it to chill before serving. A few of these experiences occurred, and so I decided to look for an alternative that would have my wine chilled and waiting for me and my visitors to drink whenever we desired.

The best alternative seemed to be wine refrigerators but then, which one of the brands to choose became another issue. I had quite a plethora of them to make a choice or take a pick from but one came recommended from a friend who owned one. The Haier wine refrigerator seemed to stand out above the rest after the glowing recommendation so I shelled out the cash, picked the appliance and installed in order to test it.  The Haier wine refrigerator I bought was as good as the words spoken about it and after owning it for a while I have gotten very used to its ability to chill my drinks.

I will give you some tips that you’ll want to keep in mind just in case you are also thinking of buying a Haier wine refrigerator. If you love wine as much as I do then I believe that you will need one of these appliances so you might as well get to know what goes into a really good one.

  1. The Haier wine refrigerator allows you store both your red and white wines under the distinct temperatures at which they taste the best. This is all occurring within the same appliance. This is due to the dual zone feature of the Haier wine cooler, which provides two separate areas inside the appliance.

  2. The Haier wine refrigerator can store up to 30 bottles of wine at once. For me, this is more than enough as it allows me to store a majority of what I would  normally keep on the floor.

  3. Although the mode determines the size, I must say that the particular Haier wine fridge model I purchased is so space efficient that it fits into my apartment pretty well. When you combine that with its capacity, you get a great appliance.

  4. The LED display lets you see the temperature at which the wine is being chilled so you can regulate it. You have got to remember that wine is chilled at a temperature that is less than room temperature.

  5. The price of Haier wine refrigerators is quite ‘wine-friendly’. I ordered mine at the cost of $90 online. I advise you to do your shopping online too. You will also have to look out for the shipping and handling prices as these will go a long way in determining the overall price.

  6. A security lock also assures me that my precious wine will not be lost to any sticky fingers. Now, that function alone is worth the entire $90!

  7. Lastly, you can even adjust the legs on your Haier wine refrigerator to stand on almost any surface.