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Undercounter Beverage Center

Beverage refrigerator options discussed, with the goal of helping you find the best unit for your needs.

The biggest asset of an undercounter beverage center is its capacity to manage space.  Using an undercounter beverage refrigerator will ensure more room in your kitchen and helps you to store drinks more effectively.

There are different models of undercounter drink center available with different capacities. Thanks to some improving technology, the most compact sized refrigerators available today are more advanced than ever before. Many of these compact under counter beverage centers are inexpensive to buy and operate.  Additionally, they’re really easy to move (compared to typical fridges) since they’re relatively lightweight.

The capacity of a typical under counter refrigerator is from about 19 to 25 cubic feet. However, there are very small models that hold as little as 10 cubic feet, and larger ones that contain 30 cubic feet of free space and more.

If you’re in the restaurant or bar business, free counter space is a valuable commodity. A back bar refrigerator is a very essential piece of equipment, as it offer you lots of convenience storage space for many things you’ll need. Therefore, it’s not at all uncommon to find an undercounter beverage cooler in restaurants and bars.

Many people enjoy the fact that beverage center refrigerators like these are stylish in appearance as they’ll often blend in really well with the cabinetry surrounding them.

Undercounter drink refrigerators are great for households that often have guests over.  Let’s face it.  Most of us don’t have refrigerators big enough to hold bottles of wine, beer, or other alcoholic drinks that guests might prefer.  Still, an unexpected visitor might prompt the need for a cold beer or glass of white wine, leaving you with no option but to wait for the drinks to cool.  Using an undercounter beverage center will give you a new means of storage for drinks of this nature, and you’ll easily be able to serve up an ice cold beverage for any impromptu guests.

If you’re looking for an added touch of luxury, you can always look for a built in undercounter beverage center.  This blends in wonderfully with your existing furniture arrangement if done right, and it truly becomes a piece of furniture.

Many undercounter drink coolers will have add-on settings like adjustable temperature features and alarms.  The alarms come in newer units, and are particularly useful since the refrigerator will sound off if you’ve forgotten to close its door.  Energy efficient undercounter beverage centers are becoming more widespread too, and the reasons to seek out one of these are obvious.

Some of the most attractive under the counter beverage centers have glass doors.  It’s always nice to see drinks inside a refrigerator, especially when they’re cold.  Whether it’s soda, beer, or wine, the right fridge and the right lighting can really make these look all the more appealing.

Some of the most popular makers of the undercounter drink center include Haier (also known for their wine refrigerators), GE Monogram, Summit, Avanti, Danby, and Electrolux.

Typical prices for an undercounter beverage center will depend on certain factors like the capacity of the refrigerator, add-on features, and more.  Generally speaking, though, they’ll usually range from $500 for the lowest priced coolers, all the way up to $1,500 and more for the highest end units.